On the Clos de Lôm estate, located in Fontanars dels Alforins, arbequina olive trees grow on different plots, living with the vineyard, up to 90 hectares.

From these plots is selected the best production for this olive oil, such that they never exceed 15 kilos per tree, regulating harvest from October to the end of the year manually to be staggered following ripening times and the most favorable climatology. The clay-limestone soil that dominates the Clos de Lôm estate and the influence of the Mediterranean, make it different from the arbequina oils from the peninsular interior, gaining mostly in fruitiness.



One of the keys to success is to start collecting at the optimum moment of ripeness of our olives. Therefore, as in the vineyard, the different plots of the estate are tested to establish in which area and at what time the best fruit is obtained.

The technical means available in the mill, the short distances to the plots, and not relying on third parties, play in favor of the highest quality, especially because the olive enters the mill in less than four hours.