Our wines are a faithful reflection of the land where they grow

This Knowledge over the years allows us to take care of our vineyards in a personalized way, to select bunches in the vineyard and offer a distinctive wine. Every hillside, every terrace, every elevation and every aspect offers us a different micro-cru:

The pure expression of these unique sites, from the beginning defines our winemaking philosophy.

We put quality before quantity, which is why we limit the production of our vineyards to a maximum yield of5.000 Kg/ha and dry land, only in this way can we ensure that our wines are the best expression of the terroir.

Altitude 600m

55 individuals field

55km from the mediterranean sea

+42ºC Max, min -2ºC

460mm anual rainfall

2.800 hours of sun


The vineyard of Clos De Lom are characterized by their distribution in terraces with a small field, which requires that the work is carried out manually and that daily contact with the earth helps us to listen to what they need in every moment.

Thanks to the terraces we get the plant to settle better than a heat stroke plant that is homogeneous and that the vines receive better aeration.

We have found the balance between respect for the environment, to reduce the minimum use of chemical substances and the advantages provided by the use of technology in the vineyard, as the drones, which help us to manage the health of the vine and apply precision viticulture.



The diversity of soils that we have in our farm allows us to choose the grape variety to grow in each field, for profiling a personality that is marked on each wine.

These characteristics in the soil provide quality to our wines and gives a greater intensity of flavour to the different grape varieties. Clos De Lom has mainly chalky soils, with high capacity to retain nutrients and water. They offer elegant wines and a greater burden polyphenol during maturation.

In addition, with limestone soils result in wines with a good alcohol content, with low acidity and a very good quality.

There are also slightly sandy, stony soils in our vineyards characterized by a low nutrient content,

good drainage and low capacity to retain water, which offers very aromatic wines.