Four generations turning tradition in perfect moments

First of all, we want to show our appreciation to our relatives Dupuy De Lôme, who made the decision to establish in this single enclave in 1836, aware of the singularity of its soils for producing quality wines. Allowing us to reach the objective of launching this exciting new project: Winery “Clos De Lom”.

“Clos De Lom” is the result of a steady effort, the implementation of a definite vocation, the contribution of a constant will, engagement, discipline, the tenacity and obsession, sacrifice, patience and a desire to achieve something important for us; our wines.

The history of our family and this place is the necessary stimulus that guides us to all those who are part of this project. We are aware of the requirements, but we are convinced of the capacity of the team, through its valuable collaboration, its effective activity, their enthusiasm, their loyalty and responsibility, forming the team that has made it possible to launch Clos De Lôm.

“We hope and trust that our history will be stimulus and give motivation for those who succeed us in the honourable work to ensure the progress and growth of our dear Clos De Lôm”.

The family S.C

“Our wines reflect the passion for things done well and the commitment of each bottle that contains the pure expression of its terroir”