Our wines contain the passion and tradition of a family that has grown taking care of the vine and improving its quality.

This family project was born with a clear philosophy: to develop unique wines that convey the essence of their land, using environmentally friendly traditional techniques for a vine and its surroundings in the “Valle Dels Alforins”.

We are the fourth generation of a family that has been linked to these vineyards since 1950 and has decided to finally share the secrets of their land and send it to wine lovers all over the world.

We are moved by the passion for a job well done, the respect for traditions and our environment: knowing that it is just there, where our greatest treasure resides.  

The Clos De Lôm family consists of a team of professionals that combine their extensive knowledge of the land where they grow in our vineyards, the “Valle Dels Alforins”, and the use of processing techniques leading to achieve the best wines.

Defenders of that good wine begins in the vineyards, we are committed to growing in bush-training and dry land and native varieties that we hand harvest during September and October and select only the best bunches from our mature vines.

We are passionate about wines that offer the traditional varieties of this area: Garnacha, Monastrell, Malvasia and Tempranillo. These allow us to create expressive varietal wines, modern and with a deep Mediterranean character.

We work every day to produce wines such as an accurate reflection of the land that has seen their origin.

All of our wines; white, rosé and red are certified by protected Denomination of Origin Valencia.

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