100% Arbequina

Olive Trees

From the property. Average age of 25 years with a yield of 15 kg/tree.


Bright green with light golden tones.


Explosion of aromas and a perfect combination of green olive, citrus notes, fruity aromas and nuances of tomato plant and fresh grass.


Elegant, with good fat density, well balanced and complex, wrapped in such softness without losing character


We select the different “pagos” of our state of the Arbequina variety, with an average production of just 3.000 kg/ha, and we pick it manually during the end of October and November.

The harvest is done using a system of vibrating combs, avoiding damage both the olive and the tree.

Oil Elaboration

The olive arrives at the mill in less than 4 hours and is cold processed at 16ºC with the latest technology and with a maximum extraction yield of 13%. This means that to make a liter of our olive oil we need almost 8 kg of olives.

Oil is stored in stainless steel tanks inertized with nitrogen to conserve all its organoleptic properties.

Bottling is done on the property in a very careful way and with a slight filtration prior the filling.

Service Recommendation

It’s flavor combines perfectly with nearly all the Mediterranean gastronomy, which makes it great to take with products from local orchards, salads, baked and grilled fish and meat.