From Clos De Lom we have opted for the autochthonous varieties, perfectly adapted to the environment and collected at their peak ripeness..


The Malvasia is one of the oldest white grapes from the Mediterranean. This variety of grape is powerful, and its high level of acidity offers a high-quality white wine, that it is characterized by being sweet and very aromatic. The aromas are fruity and floral and gives a satiny body to the final result. The Malvasia adapts very well to our climate and terroir.


Autochthonous variety Levante, very characteristic of our region. This grape makes a red and rose wine of excellent quality, a very powerful flavour and aroma and fruity. Requires warm climates to mature and is somewhat later and is harvested in October.


Native variety for an excellence red wine. In our vineyards we have a great quality Tempranillo old vines, thanks to the degree of moisture that occurs in our Valley, optimal for the development of this variety. Our wine Tempranillo has a very intense ruby red colour: it is fruity and with good balance between body and acidity.


Being a grape originating in the zone of the “Valle Dels Alforins” is perfectly adapted to the climate and soils of the region. It´s an optimal variety of a red wine, high graduation. Golden red colour, it offers aromas of freshly grounded peppers, but keeping fruity shades of raspberry and BlackBerry. With it we elaborate a expressive wine, round and friendly, and great aromatic intensity.